I was interviewed for an article that appeared in an IFLA newsletter.  The IFLA Management & Marketing section newsletter (#22, Feb. 11) published an interview in which M&M member Dr. Christie Koontz asks me about my book, The Accidental Library Marketer. See page 8.


The well-respected blog LISNews named The M Word as one of its “10 Librarian Blogs to Read in 2010.” (I write The M Word along with partner Nancy Dowd, Director of Marketing at the New Jersey State Library.)


On October 1, I gave two workshops for the wonderful people at the North Suburban Library System near Chicago. They mentioned it on one of their blogs, called “Behind the Scenes at NSLS.” The workshops were on Marketing to Make Websites More Findable and Creating Community Partnerships.


Unbeknownst to me at the time, ProQuest praised me in a luncheon presentation that it hosted for its customers during ALA (July 13). The program, Marketing Your Library, had Maria Ziemer explaining the basic tenets of marketing, then giving tips on each and citing real-life examples of people and organizations that had done each step well. I am thrilled that ProQuest called me a “true marketing hero”! With the company’s permission, you can download the PDF (I’m slides 21 & 22). You can also watch a video of the event. Watching the whole talk is well worth your time, but if you just can’t wait to see the 2 minutes about me, it’s in Chapter 3, starting at 8:20. I like how the video appears online–in small, easy-to-watch chapters, with the additional matter linked in so you can see that as well. This way you can fully understand the discussion. Nice job, ProQuest! And thanks for recognizing my work.

This ALA video from the Shanachies is not all about me, but it does feature me in three spots: one is me excitedly showing off my new book, one is a short interview about my book, and the third is a chat with me and Helene Blowers. We appeared together at the UGame ULearn symposium in Delft (which these video-making Shanachies organized) talking about Finding the Phoenix for your library.

When I was about to launch my book at ALA, Cognotes (ALA’s daily newspaper) announced it the day before. The paper is in full text here, and the coverage is on page 20 of Cognotes, which is page 8 of this PDF.

JUNE 2009

Lauree Padgett has been writing an interesting series of interviews with editors of all the Information Today, Inc. publications. The full series is here. If you want to go directly to the one about me, that PDF is here.

APRIL 2009

A magazine called Digitale Bibliotheek (Dutch for Digital Library) was launched in March 2009, and I was honored to be interviewed for the second issue, which came out in April. The text itself is in Dutch, but I wrote a lengthy blog post that explained the gist of the article and included photos of the magazine article (which you cannot see online).

MARCH 2009

In this video, some Dutch library colleagues known as the Shanachies interviewed me and Helene Blowers when we were at the Computers in Libraries conference in Washington, DC. A few weeks later, Helene and I were scheduled to speak in Delft, The Netherlands, at a symposium that the Shanachies were organizing. The video was a promo for this symposium, called UGame ULearn, where we planned to talk about “the Phoenix” and the future of libraries.