…About The Accidental Library Marketer

What a perfect title for a much-needed book!  Marketing libraries for library personnel who have never been involved in it can be very intimidating. Dempsey’s book takes the mystique and intimidation out of basic marketing for library personnel.  Also, it is a very easy read; you won’t be sorry you read it.

~Camila A. Alire
ALA President, 2009-2010  and
Dean Emeritus, Colorado State University & University of New Mexico
in an email to the author, October 2010

“I can’t thank you enough for The Accidental Library Marketer ! More than anything, your book has helped me realize where my approach has been right on target; it’s also helped me identify where I can refocus, return, and reinvigorate my marketing efforts. Thanks again for The Accidental Library Marketer ! I have already shared the book with others and will continue to sing its praises!”

~Gabrielle Sykes-Casavant
Director, Marketing and Public Relations
University Libraries, The University of Arizona, Tucson
in an email to the author, December 2009

Full-Length Reviews

“There are many marketing books available, but this book stands out … Dempsey has an informal writing style that incorporates humor and candor, which makes this book an easy read.
As a professional librarian with public relations experience, I found the book enlightening and informative. For someone with limited experience … in library marketing, the book is sure to become a well-thumbed reference guide.”

Reviewed in Public Services Quarterly, v. 5, #4, Oct. 2009. pp. 274-277.
~ Jennifer Dumond, M.L.I.S., Instruction & Public Services Librarian
Health Sciences Library, Northern Ontario School of Medicine Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

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“If you are one of those people who were thrown into having to market your library and had to ‘learn on the go,’ Kathy’s book is going to be invaluable for you. It is the quintessential ‘Marketing 101 for Librarians’.”

~Nancy Dowd
New Jersey State Library
NJ State Library Marketing News blog
18 October 09
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“I read it and loved it! … Good stuff indeed – I learned things.”

~David Lee King
Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library
David Lee King blog
20 October 09
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“The book is oriented mostly toward public and academic libraries, but there are a few mentions of school and—amazingly—special libraries. … But all of her book is useful for every kind of librarian. Read this and put it into action.”

~Judith Siess, B.A., M.A., M.S.L.I.S.
Information Bridges International, Inc.
OPL Plus blog
14 July 09
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Pre-Publication Quotes

“Every library and information center needs a realistic, no-nonsense marketing guide that is comprehensive in scope and professional in style. Kathy Dempsey has a wealth of experience ‘marketing library services,’ and has created such a clear, concise, and thoughtful book, one in which library managers, educators, and practitioners will find a wealth of valuable and insightful information.”

– Ernest A. DiMattia, Jr., M.L.S., M.B.A.
President and CEO, The Ferguson Library
Visiting Associate Professor, Pratt Institute
Adjunct Faculty, Simmons College

“During our Shanachie travels around the world, we met so many passionate librarians and had so many interesting discussions on the future of libraries. Few people, however, were so overwhelmingly convinced of the essence of the library in society as Kathy Dempsey. Her clear insights and her great knowledge about marketing, combined with this positive attitude, used to be a reason for me to call her in times of doubt, dark skys, and sleepless nights. Now I have this book that I treasure, and it already makes a huge difference on my phone bill. Thank you, Kathy, for sharing this with us and for providing these valuable tools to make a better library in the future.”

– Erik Boekesteijn
Science and Innovation Dept.
DOK, the Library Concept Center, in Delft, The Netherlands
Co-Author of ShanachieTour: A Library Road Trip Across America

“Kathy Dempsey’s years as editor of Marketing Library Services serve her well for capturing the best of true marketing in this timely publication. … Every professional library shelf should offer the book, and staff should make use of the experience and insight gathered.”

– Christie Koontz, Ph.D.
College of Communication and Information
Florida State University

“If you follow [Dempsey’s] tips, you will graduate from accidental marketer to professional and proactive marketer. Dempsey’s book puts you on the fast track and helps you avoid the pitfalls that ensnare marketing amateurs. … [T]hroughout the book she illustrates the many ways that marketing can demonstrate the financial and social worth of the institution. … In fact, her snappy comebacks about why we still need libraries alone are well worth the price of the book.”

– Judith Gibbons (from the Foreword)
Chair, ALA Advocacy Training Sub-Committee
Member, John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award Committee
ALA Councilor, 2010–2012